The leg up at the end tho.


The leg up at the end tho.

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class is in session


class is in session




mini elsa

mini anna


Harry Potter as a teen comedy.

Evidence that music placement is very important. 

I swear I watch this every time it comes on my dash.



This video is awesome and so well-done. It’s also a fantastic reminder of how misleading movie trailers can be thanks to good editing. XD. This may just be a clever fanvid, but it can be done for legitimate trailers too.

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That’s right folks! it’s the 18th of July, which means the Giveaway has officially now started!

Check it out!!

Winner receives the following.

  1. SH Figuarts Android 18.
  2. SH Figuarts Krillin.
  3. Totally cool Android/Cell saga drinking glass.

So how can you win this awesome merch? Well dear lovelies, just abide by these few simple rules!

  • You MUST BE following Chestnut Island, I will check!
  • REBLOG this post as many times as you like, more reblogs means more chances to win! Keep in mind that just like last time, LIKES do NOT count!
  • You can’t be a giveaway blog! I will check your blog out after the winner is chosen.
  • I WILL ship international!
  • You have to be comfortable to send me your address after you have been chosen. If you use a P.O box, that is fine too!

As you can see, the deadline to reblog is July 31st. I’ll have a post queued signaling the end of the giveaway.

The winner will be chosen by random generator! Because i want to keep it fair, the previous winner of the last Giveaway will not be able to win this time, they can still reblog to get the word out though!

Winner will be contacted through the ask box so PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU HAVE ASKS ENABLED ON YOUR BLOG!

Once I inbox them, they have 12 hours to respond, if they do not respond by that deadline, I will randomly select a new winner and so forth!

Have fun and spread the word! Let’s spread some Chestnut Cheer all over the DBZ side of Tumblr!

And of course, as always, if you have questions, just shoot me an ask and thank you all for being such wonderful fans and supporting this lovely blog and pairing! You guys rock!!!♥


By Dean Yeagle


By Dean Yeagle